What uses-cases can Sia handle?

Sia will be the storage layer of the Internet. Enterprises across the world will use Sia as their primary backup and content delivery mechanism, and they'll get it done faster and for less money than any other alternative.

Sia facts

The network: decentralized cloud storage using the blockchain. Nothing is more private or secure.

Backup size: 20 TB per node

Backups of your Sia files can be taken, and recovered from any computer as long as you have your Sia seed.

A large and well-documented API

What you can do with Sia now

Enterprise Archival. Use Sia to back up vital company data that’s accessed rarely at lower cost and with greater privacy and security than competitors.

Personal Archival. Take those photos, videos, and important personal documents and make sure you'll have access to them anytime, anywhere.

What you'll be able to do with Sia in the future

Automatic archiving of large files, like camera footage. (Possible with SiaSync, a third-party app)

Automatic archiving of any files, even storage services like Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, etc.) that are keeping your data synced in local folder. (Possible with SiaSync, but it's recommended to wait for 1.4.2 when support for small files will be added)

File sharing with Sia users. (Currently being worked on)

File sharing with non-Sia users. (Currently on our roadmap)

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