Hosting data in Sia-UI

Hosting means you are contributing your excess storage space to the Sia network. You're helping to keep data where it belongs – safely in the hands of those who uploaded it, the renters.

You also earn Siacoins, the cryptocurrency that powers the Sia network. Siacoins can be used to purchase your own storage space, or converted to other cryptocurrency or fiat on crypto exchanges.

Hosting is a commitment, and to be a good host on Sia means that you'll have more than 95% uptime, a good internet connection, and at least 2 TB of storage space to rent. Ideal hosts are users that run their own NAS setup, colocated servers, or even PCs that are always on and have some extra disk capacity left over.

Hosts also have to put up collateral - a small amount of Siacoin that they'll forfeit if they are a bad host (this means doing stuff like going offline). The possibility of losing their collateral incentivizes hosts to do good on the network.

We highly recommend setting host details over siac, the command-line interface, as it will give you fine tuned control over the settings. But for those wishing to get set up in Sia-UI, read on.

Remember, all the data that is uploaded is split apart and encrypted. You won't actually have access to the content that you're storing.

Go to the Hosting tab in Sia-UI. Click Add a folder.

Select the folder you'd like to use for Sia, and then choose how much storage space you'll allocate. You must set a minimum of 32 GB, and we recommend about 2 TB.

Now you're taken to the Hosting dashboard, where you can see a snapshot of your hosting situation. You can modify the Host Settings below, and default host settings are set based on internal configurations.

Max Duration (Weeks): This is the longest contract duration that you will accept. The default contract duration for a renter is 13 weeks.

Collateral Per TB/Month: The amount of Siacoin that you're willing to put into the contract - and lose - if you are a bad host.

Storage Per TB/Month: How much you charge per month of a TB of storage.

Download Per TB: The amount you charge your renters for downloading their content from you.

Upload Per TB: The amount you charge your hosts for uploading their content to you.

Once the settings are configured, you can click on Announce Host to publish your host settings to the blockchain. You can then click on Enable/Disable Accepting Contracts to toggle whether or not your host should accept contracts from other renters.

Congrats! You're now hosting on the Sia network. You'll see your contract count increase over time, and your storage revenue will climb over time.

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