Back up and restore your files (deprecated, v1.4.0 only)

This process was deprecated with the launch of Sia v1.4.1. It still works, but we have a new and better way to do it.

With v1.4.0, Sia now supports backup and recovery of your uploaded files from another computer. This consists of two parts:

  • Creating a file that allows a new instance of Sia to retrieve your file list
  • Using a terminal command that allows you to restore your contracts in order to re-download the files

This feature is the precursor of pure seed-based file recovery in future versions of Sia.

This also eliminates any single point of failure in the Sia ecosystem. The backup process is easy, but currently involves using the command-line interface built in to Sia-UI.

Create your file backup

Open Sia-UI and go to the Terminal. You can access this from anywhere in the app - just click on the > symbol along the top.

Here's an example command.

The command consists of three parts. Let's break that down:

renter createbackup the command itself

Users/steve/Documents/SiaBackup/ the folder that I want the backup file to be created in

siafilesbackup the name that I want the backup file to have

Your new backup file has been created. Backup this file securely, you'll need it if you want to be able to restore your files on a new computer.

Load a file backup

This feature will not fully work unless enough of your hosts have upgraded to 1.4.0. Starting with 1.4.1, hosts on 1.3.7 and earlier will be blocked by renters to accommodate file recovery.

File restoration is intended to be done in blank instances of Sia, not to merge files with another instance. Before getting started, make sure that Sia has been restored to your Sia seed.

Open up the Sia Terminal and type renter loadbackup <filepath>. If you use the example from earlier, we would type renter loadbackup Users/steve/Documents/SiaBackup/siafilesbackup. Your files will reappear in Sia-UI, but won't re-download until you recover your file contracts.

Recover your file contracts

You'll also need to restore your file contracts after loading your backup. If you don't do this, your files will sit a 0 redundancy because while Sia knows whta files it wants, it doesn't have the contracts to actually go download them.

You can recover all contracts with hosts version v1.4.0 or higher using the command siac renter triggerrecoveryscan. Contracts are linked to your seed, so be sure your wallet is restored to the same seed that you took the backup from.

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