How do I start hosting?

To become a host, you can either download Sia-UI or the Sia Daemon at

For most users, running Sia-UI is easier because it provides a graphical interface. You can use the Hosting tab to set yourself up as a host.

  1. Download and install Sia-UI.
  2. Create a wallet and unlock it.
  3. Deposit some Siacoins (will be used for collateral).
  4. Open the Hosting tab and configure your pricing.
  5. Add some host folders. This is where the uploaded data will be stored.
  6. Enable “Accepting contracts”.
  7. Click “Announce” to make your host visible to the renters. This will put your IP address in the blockchain.

If you are comfortable working in command line, you can just download the Sia Daemon and follow this guide

Learn more about hosting at our Wiki:

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