Does Sia have an official wallet?

Yes we do!

Sia-UI and siac are the best places to store your Siacoin. They're also the only official apps made by Nebulous, the developers of the Sia network.

Download Sia-UI.

Learn how to install Sia-UI.

About Sia-UI

Sia-UI allows you to store Siacoin in a secure wallet, or rent or sell storage space on the Sia network.

About siac

siac is a command-line client for Sia, and is only recommended for advanced users.

Be careful

There are plenty of scams in the cryptocurrency space. Make sure the only software wallet you use to store your Siacoin is the official app downloaded from that link above, or our GitLab page. We can't guarantee that any other software wallet will safely store your Siacoin.

Your first sync

It’s a full node, which means it downloads an entire copy of the blockchain to your computer. Expect the first sync to take a while.

Learn more about your first sync.

Learn how to create a new wallet.

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