Setting up the Antminer A3 to mine Siacoin.

If you're familiar with mining setups, you can skip to the recap at the end.

What you will need

  1. A router and ethernet cable
  2. Internet connection
  3. Power supply cable (not included with the PSU that Bitmain ships)
  4. Any computer with a browser connected to same network so that you can configure the miner

Unboxing and preparation

  1. Unbox the A3 miner and power supply (PSU).
  2. Make sure the miner is not physically damaged. Check the connectors and very gently shake it to make sure there are no loose components.
  3. Connect all the PCI Express from PSU to A3 boards (3x3) and controller (1x).
  4. Connect your ethernet cable to A3.
  5. Connect the PSU to power. The miner will light up and its fans will start rotating. Prepare for a lot of noise from here on.


  1. Download IP Reporter from Bitmain site (
  2. Launch it, put "2" in position and press Start. Then press the IP Report button on back of your miner (if nothing happens, try it a few times). You should see window appear with an IP address.
  3. Open this address in your web browser and use "root" / "root" as your login and password. Don't forget to change it later in the administration settings and remember that this is a local address you have access to only while connected to the same network.

Pool Configuration

  1. Find the tab (should be miner configuration) where you can set your three pools to connect to. You can either use SiaMining, Luxor, or Nanopool or look for another one here ( If you want to support Sia and strengthen the network security, we strongly recommend to avoid AntPool and F2Pool.
  2. Enter the pool address as described in every pool's details, for example on these pages:
  3. Enter your Sia wallet address. This is where you want to receive mining pool payouts.
  4. Follow password instructions for selected pool. For SiaMining you can leave the password empty.
  5. Save it. The A3 should automatically restart in a minute and then you can see the stats. You can also check your mining stats using the selected pool's website and your wallet address.


In case you get stuck, YouTube has some helpful tutorials. You can also consult the #mining channel on our Discord server, or contact Bitmain.

You're all done.

Recap: Unbox > PCIe x 10 > Power Up > IP Reporter app > IP Report button on A3 > Open given IP address > Login: "root" / "root" > Pool Config > Complete.

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