Navigating the Sia hardfork

The Sia network is hardforking to reject all ASICs on the network except for Obelisk miners. This article will detail what you need to do, however you fit into the Sia ecosystem.

The hardfork requires v1.3.7 of Sia.

This guide is strictly practical. If you'd like to learn more about the decisions behind the fork, check the following links.

Sia lead dev David Vorick's blog post

Our condensed FAQ

The Reddit AMA with the Sia team


Software release

Sia v1.3.7 has been released! Download it here.

Hardfork is implemented

The fork will be implemented on October 31st at a block height of 179,000. Be updated by this date.

Info for Siacoin holders

For users that store in our official wallet

If you have Siacoins stored in our official wallet, update to 1.3.7 and you're all set. There are two versions of Sia: Sia-UI for most users, and siac for advanced users. When you store them here, you control the private keys. When the hardfork hits on October 31st, your updated 1.3.7 version of Sia will instantly give you access to the new chain, and all of your Siacoins will be available to you.

If some individual or group decides to maintain the non-fork chain, you'll also have coins accessible there as well.

Learn how to download and install Sia-UI

Learn how to create a new wallet in Sia-UI

Download siac from our site (for advanced users)

1.3.7 is necessary to spend coins, receive coins, or rent storage after the fork. But if you're the type of person who is holding long term, you're able to update later when you actually want to use them. We still recommend updating as soon as possible, but you do have some flexibility.

For users that store on an exchange

When an exchange updates their wallet, you'll now have the same amount of coins on the new Sia chain. These coins are usable:

  • to trade with exchanges that also use the new chain. We expect all of them will.
  • to buy storage from hosts who also use the new chain. We expect this to be the majority of hosts.

But what you don't have is access to the Siacoins on the old chain, unless the exchange you deal with decides to support the old chain or give you access to them.

Exchange Support

Here's a list of all the exchanges that have had Siacoin volume over the past couple of months, according to CoinMarketCap. Please keep in mind that while we've confirmed with these exchanges that they are supporting the 1.3.7 Sia fork, final implementation is up to their teams. You should reach out to your exchanges to confirm.


Supporting 1.3.7




















No response

Coin Converters

Some exchanges are converters, with simple front ends that might use one of the exchanges in the above list for their actual transactions. Many of these don't require updates, but I'll list the ones we've communicated with here anyway.


Supporting 1.3.7














If you store your files on Sia

Just be sure to upgrade to v1.3.7 by the 31st. Doing so ensures that you will continue to upload data to hosts also on the new fork.

You do have a little bit of flexibility here – the repair mechanisms built into Sia will keep your data healthy – so being a couple of days late won't cause you significant stress.

If you host data on Sia

Hosts should absolutely upgrade their version of Sia to 1.3.7 before October 31st. If you fail to upgrade by the hardfork, all the renters who upgrade will stop forming contracts with you.

If you mine Siacoin...

...with an Obelisk miner

You'll need to update your firmware. Obelisk will release a firmware update that complies with the new mining algorithm introduced in Sia v1.3.7.

Learn how to update your Obelisk firmware

...with any other ASIC

Other ASIC mining hardware will still be effective on dissenting forks. GPU miners will be able to mine on the post-fork chain once their software is updated with the alterations to the proof-of-work algorithm.

If you're an exchange that trades Siacoin

Simply update to v1.3.7 of the software prior to October 31st. Once you do, your exchange will be able to support the fork once it takes effect.

More questions?

Let us know! Send us an email, or reach out to the community on Discord.

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