Sia-UI: How to download and install


Learn how to install Sia-UI on Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

Time Required

5-10 minutes

Things You'll Need

  • A desktop or notebook computer with a decent amount of available storage space. As of this writing, you need 15 GB for the Sia blockchain to download. This file will only get larger, so allocate some space to be able to grow with Sia.
  • A basic knowledge of your computer's file structure.

Find the right download for you

Go to our downloads page. You'll see two options, Sia-UI and Sia Daemon. Sia-UI is our user-friendly app, while Sia Daemon is for users comfortable with command line interfaces. Download Sia-UI for your operating system by clicking the correct OS name.

Now either continue straight through to installing on Windows or Linux, or skip ahead to install on MacOS.

Installation: Windows and Linux

We'll run through Windows and Linux instructions together, as the process is very similar.

For Windows and Linux, the result of your download will be a ZIP file. Double click to see the contents. Inside, you'll see the Sia-UI application file. In the screenshot below, it's the highlighted Sia-UI.exe file. Double click this.

    You'll be asked to extract all the relevant files you'll need as well. Click Extract all.

      And you'll be asked where you want to put it all. The default location is the same place the downloaded file went – in this example, the Downloads folder. You can change this to any location on your computer. Once you've specified a location, click Extract.

      This is where Sia-UI will be located unless you move it in the future, which you can do at any time.

      When you open the new folder, you'll see many of the same files from earlier. You can launch Sia by clicking the Sia-UI application file, which now has the Sia logo next to it. Double click it to open Sia-UI.

      Before Sia-UI launches, you'll likely see a warning that the app is from an unknown publisher. This is standard whenever you try to open an app that is not on your OS developer's approved list. In this case, Sia-UI is from Nebulous, the company the employs the Sia development team. Click Run.

      Depending on your installed security software, you may also see a warning regarding network access or some other security precaution. In this example Windows Defender is asking if siad.exe, the primary file that Sia uses to operate, is allowed to communicate on the network. Click Allow access.

      Sia-UI is now ready to go!

      First time installing? Set up a wallet.

      Installation: MacOS

      The result of your download on MacOS will be a folder, typically in your Downloads. Access your Finder and navigate to your Downloads folder to locate it. In this example, the folder is called Sia-UI-v1.3.3-osx-x64. This can vary depending on the version.

      Click on this folder to access the Sia-UI app. Double click to open.

      Sia-UI will continue to live here until you move it. If you want to move it, it's recommended to move the entire folder containing the app.

      When you first attempt to open Sia-UI, you'll likely see a warning that you are opening an app from an unidentified developer. This is standard whenever you try to open an app that is not on Apple's approved list. Click OK.

      We need to tell your Mac that Sia-UI is safe to run. Navigate to System Preferences, which can be accessed by clicking on the Apple in the upper left corner of your screen. Once there, click on Security and Privacy. This is in the first row of icons.

      The next screen will open to the General tab, which is exactly where you need to be. Towards the bottom of the window you'll see the message: "Sia-UI was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer." Click Open Anyway to the right.

      You'll then see one more message letting you know that Sia-UI is from an unidentified developer. Click Open.

      Sia-UI is now ready to go!

      First time installing? Set up a wallet.

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